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I am old. I read constantly. SF/Fantasy all history. politics philosophy hist fiction Cornwell Griffiths Clancy. mystery Children's Lit NOT romance


Vonnegut is a very special author, with a very special outlook. Satire, humor, compassion, and dealing with life. Start with this title, or start with Slaughterhouse-5, or really any Vonnegut. If one of them speaks to you, read another, and another, and so on. My favorite is Cat's Cradle.

Breakfast of Champions imageBreakfast of Champions image

Breakfast of Champions

Books | Kurt Vonnegut

The first in the daVinci Code group. If you want history, mystery, secret symbols, and adventure this is great!

Angels & Demons imageAngels & Demons image

Angels & Demons

Books | Dan Brown

Magic and 'who done it' tales. Plus humor. First of the series. If this one clicks for you, there are lots more to look forward to.

Storm Front imageStorm Front image

Storm Front

Books | Jim Butcher

If you like either of these two authors, you MUST read this. If you have never read either author and you like this, you will have lots of wonderful reading ahead of you.

Good Omens imageGood Omens image

Good Omens

Books | Terry Pratchett

A great place to start if you have never read Tolkien. Shorter than Lord of the Rings, but every bit as good.

The Hobbit imageThe Hobbit image

The Hobbit

Books | J.R.R. Tolkien

Classic SF title by classic author. If you love SF and books, you will love this

Fahrenheit 451 imageFahrenheit 451 image

Fahrenheit 451

Books | Ray Bradbury

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