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Bookworm for life, Pokémon obsessed and fanatic about telling people about new things I've discovered (i.e. walking infomercial) Its my mission to remember each and every book I've ever read so I can obsessively recommend them! Join me on my magical journey into my bad memory 🌟


The last installment in the Protector of the Small series, and another chapter in the Tortall Universe. Kel has done it. She passed the trials and has been knighted as a knight of the realm of Tortall. However war has broken out, and her realm is on the brink of disaster. Joined with her friends, Kel has been sent on a mission to stop the evil threatening the balance of life. Unfortunately she only has a name and a face- and multitudes who rely on her to remain trapped behind the borders.

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Lady Knight

Books | Tamora Pierce

The 3rd installment in the Protector of the Small series, and another chapter in the Tortall Universe. Kel passed her first 4 years as a page, and must now persevere 4 more as a Squire. Jousting tourneys, Griffins, romance and war await- and there's still more to come! 10/10 I will always love this book and consider it to be one of my favorites in the series overall.

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Books | Tamora Pierce

The 2nd book in the Protector of the Small series, & another installation in the Tortall Universe. Kel passed her probationary period and is officially a page in training. Her adventures continue to grow, her enemies get craftier and Kel is forced to face one of her biggest fears head on. Yet another fabulous work by Tamora Pierce!

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Books | Tamora Pierce

Fantastic! Amazing. Its no wonder they turned it into a show! However- do not try reading this expecting it to be the same or even remotely similar to the show. Other than some settings and characters, not much is the same. Different personalities, situations, goals, drives, you name it! Also: Rated R for serious gore (duh!), violence ( double duh but its definitely graphic situations like torture & rape) and lots of sexual situations.

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The Walking Dead: Compendium 1

Books | Robert Kirkman

The 4th book in Daine's series, and boy what a wrap! Romance, dragons, war between mortals and immortals plus gods against gods, new creatures and friends as well as an old enemy that refuses to be beaten. This concludes Daine's official story but it won't be the last you hear of her or any of our other friends made so far in the Tortall universe! Up next- Keladry's books!

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The Realms of the Gods

Books | Tamora Pierce

3rd in the Daine series. Hands down my favorite books of her series. Daine, Alanna, Numair and Kitten travel as a delegation to the Emperor of Carthak in hopes to stave off war. Daine is here to hopefully cure his birds, but the gods seem have different plans. The Emperor has turned his back on the Gods and they are not happy. Lots of new friends and another humorous view into wildlife!

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Emperor Mage

Books | Tamora Pierce

Book 2 of Daine's series, and the 2nd series in the Tortall universe. Daine is now in training under Numair (Tortalls most powerful mage) & her power with animals and healing grow everyday. An old pack friend has called on her help, however it looks like the Badger god might be involved, which only spells trouble for Daine. This book introduces even more fantastical creatures and provides a humorous view into how animals view us two-leggers! Plus- Daine discovers a new power 🤫

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Books | Tamora Pierce

The 2nd installment in the Tortall universe & if I had to pick a favorite story arc overall, it would be Daine's. Book 1 starts with a young Daine having just escaped from her own village and she's determined to get to Tortall- where girls can become Knights and Riders! However, Daine has a secret... a curse or a gift, depending, & and it allows her to understand animals! This story starts almost 10 years after the Alanna series concluded and you get to check in on all your old friends!

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Wild Magic

Books | Tamora Pierce

Drunk dialing your ex? Bad. Drunk summoning a demon? Reeeeally bad. Now with a dead boss, Kayla is suspect #1 and the detective is determined to pin it on her. Throw in an ancient curse of BAD luck, a sexy shifter ex, a fae *spoiler*, and a crap load of humor, snark, swearing and sexual tension and this is a fantastic series for those you love paranormal reverse harems!

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Black Spells and Twisted Souls

Books | Cece Rose

4th installment in the Alanna series. A knight already recognized throughout the land already, Alanna is determined to find an adventure to cement her name in the books and satisfy her craving for daring deeds and exploration. Tortall is on the brink of war from within its own walls- and Jonathan needs help from his friends and allies. This is the final book for Alanna as the m.c. but not the last for Tortall! #fantasy_and_magic #knights_and_knighthood #fantasy #femaleleads #yafiction #yafantasy

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Lioness Rampant

Books | Tamora Pierce

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