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One of my all time favorites. I'll always love it to death

Lilo & Stitch imageLilo & Stitch image

Lilo & Stitch

Movies | Animation

I remember watching this movie. I was obsessed with it. I even did some research into the actual dolphin. She's super adorable. I think she's still alive, too! It's a very heartwarming movie.

Dolphin Tale imageDolphin Tale image

Dolphin Tale

Movies | Drama

I... I love it. I love this movie. It's hilarious. I love how the plot could easily be turned into an actually good and dramatic movie, but instead it's this mess. It's all just a mess. It's very enjoyable

Airplane! imageAirplane! image


Movies | Comedy

Watched it for history class. Was captivated every single second.

Schindler's List imageSchindler's List image

Schindler's List

Movies | Drama

After not seeing it for ages, I finally watched it with my parents. I adore this movie. Instant classic, for sure

Alien imageAlien image


Movies | Horror

I mean, it's Cars, but it was enjoyable

Cars 2 imageCars 2 image

Cars 2

Movies | Animation

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