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One of my all time favorites. I'll always love it to death

Lilo & Stitch imageLilo & Stitch image

Lilo & Stitch

Movies | Animation

I adored this. I absolutely adored it. I've always loved Southeast Asian culture, and this movie has just made me love it more. This is one of the best movies Disney has made in a long time. They made it entirely from home as well! HOW IMPRESSIVE IS THAT!?

Raya and the Last Dragon imageRaya and the Last Dragon image

Raya and the Last Dragon

Movies | Action

I remember watching this movie. I was obsessed with it. I even did some research into the actual dolphin. She's super adorable. I think she's still alive, too! It's a very heartwarming movie.

Dolphin Tale imageDolphin Tale image

Dolphin Tale

Movies | Drama

I... I love it. I love this movie. It's hilarious. I love how the plot could easily be turned into an actually good and dramatic movie, but instead it's this mess. It's all just a mess. It's very enjoyable

Airplane! imageAirplane! image


Movies | Comedy

Watched it for history class. Was captivated every single second.

Schindler's List imageSchindler's List image

Schindler's List

Movies | Drama

I mean, it's Cars, but it was enjoyable

Cars 2 imageCars 2 image

Cars 2

Movies | Animation

After not seeing it for ages, I finally watched it with my parents. I adore this movie. Instant classic, for sure

Alien imageAlien image


Movies | Horror

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