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I watched this show in 5 hours and stayed up until 6:00 am finishing it. If that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does. It’s honestly so funny and the characters are all so unique that I think it makes the show even more interesting. The romantic relationships from this series are so well though and tbh kinda funny but at the same time emotional for the audience. Even though the show is fast paced, it is very well developed and put together. #neverhaveiever #tvshow #netflix #drama #romance

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Never Have I Ever


Read this in 6-7th grade and I absolutely LOVE IT ! It funny, interesting, it has a great plot, but it also has some emotional moments, and even some points of romance, so I just think it is the perfect book. James Patterson is a genius ! #comedy #drama #teen #loveit #school

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Middle School

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Beautiful movie 💕

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