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Brilliant writing! Fantastic acting! Very rarely do u come across a show where everything just comes together so perfectly. Comedy, drama of an intellectual look into a real woman going through a growing journey channeled through emotions. Each episode leaves u feeling the emotion expressed in the title. Brilliant idea, package well. A+

I Hate Suzie imageI Hate Suzie image

I Hate Suzie

Shows | Comedy

Hilarious! Tenet and Sheen sum up quarantine very well. Through a "fake" reality we go through their journey stuck at home as we all did. I found myself laughing through both seasons. Not to mention all the guests stars. So funny. A

Staged imageStaged image


Shows | Comedy

I took my time to watch this series. I never liked Kate on NCIS so I didnt think I would like her on this show but I was wrong. Where I thought Sasha Alexander was a bit obnoxious on NCIS, she comes across playful and comedic on this show. The 2 main characters have great chemistry n team up 2 make a fun show to watch. The supporting acting only add to what works. This is a light comedy detective shows like Bones or White Collar. If your in the mood for a good time, this show is a good one. B+

Rizzoli & Isles imageRizzoli & Isles image

Rizzoli & Isles

Shows | Crime

A great bingable show. Surprising twists in all the right places. Smart and entertaining. You feel for these characters and their reasons for their actions. Keeps you guessing just the right amount. B+

The Drowning imageThe Drowning image

The Drowning

Shows | Drama

Think old school butler becomes a detective. I dont know why old cop shows think men have to be rude and women nonexistent but I guess those where the days. Typical detective format nothing special. Stories are somewhat interesting but not anxiety ridden. No comedy. C

A Touch of Frost imageA Touch of Frost image

A Touch of Frost

Shows | Drama

Single mom gets promoted to detective and has to deal with family drama while solving the case. Interesting mystery entangled with the politics of family and small town in UK. The 2nd season holds up. Entertaining and a good watch B+

The Bay imageThe Bay image

The Bay

Shows | Drama

Bad Ass Brenda! If only all detective could be witty, get the bad guys and all without losing their feminity. Great cases with family drama m a that is heartfelt and woman empowering. A

The Closer imageThe Closer image

The Closer

Shows | Crime

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