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Brilliant writing! Fantastic acting! Very rarely do u come across a show where everything just comes together so perfectly. Comedy, drama of an intellectual look into a real woman going through a growing journey channeled through emotions. Each episode leaves u feeling the emotion expressed in the title. Brilliant idea, package well. A+

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I Hate Suzie

Shows | Comedy

Hilarious! Tenet and Sheen sum up quarantine very well. Through a "fake" reality we go through their journey stuck at home as we all did. I found myself laughing through both seasons. Not to mention all the guests stars. So funny. A

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Shows | Comedy

I took my time to watch this series. I never liked Kate on NCIS so I didnt think I would like her on this show but I was wrong. Where I thought Sasha Alexander was a bit obnoxious on NCIS, she comes across playful and comedic on this show. The 2 main characters have great chemistry n team up 2 make a fun show to watch. The supporting acting only add to what works. This is a light comedy detective shows like Bones or White Collar. If your in the mood for a good time, this show is a good one. B+

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Rizzoli & Isles

Shows | Crime

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