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This movie was awesome and Val Kilmer radiates the most swash buckle energy that ive seen in a long time and if I only have one complaint it's that Warwick Davis's Willow starts to feel like an escort quest NPC by the end 6.7/10

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Movies | Action

This series is exactly the kind of show I could recommend if you love star trek and the absurdities that it brings to the table because for me the meta of the show is pitch-perfect 9/10

Star Trek: Lower Decks imageStar Trek: Lower Decks image

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Shows | Animation

This film was a lot better than I thought it deserved to be but Antonio Banderas is having a great time playing Puss and Boots as the animation and story are top tier 7.5/10

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish imagePuss in Boots: The Last Wish image

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Movies | Comedy

The hidden really surprised me and I understand why it has a cult following because the action and effects are solid and if Kyle MacLachlan is in a film you know it's going to good or at least so bad it's good 7.7/10

The Hidden imageThe Hidden image

The Hidden

Movies | Action

M3GAN is 6/10 in my book mostly because it was a little too slow for me and I wanted more robokillin but otherwise pretty solid in the acting and effects department. I just hope the sequel will go harder and faster.

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Movies | Horror

This is another what I like to call "Dad Movie" and normally I watch these on my own because I love 80s action films but in this case, I did watch it with my dad and we had a blast with its bad soundtrack and okayish acting from Gene Simons of KISS fame I could recommend it if it was on at midnight and you wanted something different 6/10

Wanted: Dead or Alive imageWanted: Dead or Alive image

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Movies | Action

Space amoeba is underrated and that's okay because we love a good giant monster movie about a giant squid fighting a lobster and Gamera rip off but the heart is there in the effects 6.7/10

Space Amoeba imageSpace Amoeba image

Space Amoeba

Movies | Adventure

This movie kills it in style and substance and the physical acting on display is top-notch stuff 8.5/10

Upgrade imageUpgrade image


Movies | Action

The main character's name is Jack Deth and if you think that's cool you may like this hardish cyberpunk/Action film that also has a young Helen Hunt playing a sidekick 5.9/10

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Movies | Horror

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