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Went in with not much of an expectation to begin with. Thinking it was gonna be just some dumb comedy movie. It was actually stimulating the whole way through! The jokes are pretty good and game terminology is pretty accurate and not to mention the references. It was pretty adorable seeing the older crowd ask the kids they went with what certain things meant. That being said, they seemed to be having a blast as much as anyone else! Might go watch again!

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

Great for people trying to get into anime. Iconic Toriyama art style both Japanese and American soundtracks are awesome!! Many iconic moments. Inspired many Shonens that came after

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Dragon Ball Z

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One of the best Mangas of all time. The artwork and story are amazing. The early anime adaptations are good IMO.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Amazing original soundtrack. Vinyl went on sale earlier this year for the first time in the U.S! Great stories in episodic format. Iconic series

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Cowboy Bebop

Shows | Action & Adventure

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