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Chase Jensen


This is a great movie when you go into an apatow movie you can expect funny comedy and some good dramatic stuff definitely wirth a watch

Knocked Up imageKnocked Up image

Knocked Up

Movies | Comedy

Not the best movie not the worst if you have an hour and a half go ahead it is worth the time

Old School imageOld School image

Old School

Movies | Comedy

This is one of the most underated comedy movies of this era paul rudd didnt have the best praformance but it was very nice to see sean William scott in a good movie definitely recommended 8 of 10

Role Models imageRole Models image

Role Models

Movies | Comedy

This was a wholsome and funny movie that takes a spin on the romantic comedy but is also a very dirty movie 8 of 10 definitely a watch

I Love You, Man imageI Love You, Man image

I Love You, Man

Movies | Comedy

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