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Hello Beautiful Humans! I have been in love with film and books since day one and love to dissect any good media. Hoping to make some of my own someday as an aspiring actor and screenwriter. Lots of love and opinions to giveđź’›


SPOILERS! Just finished it! Was so good and really emanated that dark academia aesthetic and was so immersive. However, I do have a questions: we know that before Richard was murdered, he was acting very strange, violent, angry, and distant. They never elaborated on his behaviour or reasoning. Any theories or ideas?

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If We Were Villains

Books | M. L. Rio

I just bought for my Kobo. I LOVE vacation romances and Italy so why not! If you’ve read it, was it worth the hype?

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Love & Gelato

Books | Jenna Evans Welch

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