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I LOVE this film . This was one of the most creepy , bone chilling , and most terrifying circumstances in a horror film that I have watched . This movie is one I have never forgotten and still talk aboout to this day . I cannot recommend this enough for horror lovers . 10/10!!

When a Stranger Calls imageWhen a Stranger Calls image

When a Stranger Calls

Movies | Horror

This to me gave me the absolute creeps . Gore 10/10 . Language 10/10 . This remake is very different than the original however as scared as I was while watching ( mostly due to the set design and lighting etc ) the characters are very steriotypical and basic . Still 10/10 recommend a watch .

Black Christmas imageBlack Christmas image

Black Christmas

Movies | Horror

I never watched the original film however this remake to me is a great film . Its something in todays world I could see happening ( sadly ) however my only downfall is just how many of the best characters die off in the film . But still 10/10 recomment a watch atleast once .

Prom Night imageProm Night image

Prom Night

Movies | Crime

When I watched this I was 15 ( close to the main characters age ) so I resignated very well with her rebel attitude . This is one of kristin stewarts better movies and I do recommend this movie to horror fans even though it doesnt get a great rep in the horror community .

The Messengers imageThe Messengers image

The Messengers

Movies | Mystery

I can not brag about this movie enough ! This is a remake that makes sense !! When the original first came out it was not a huge hit either however it gained a following later ( as most great films do ) however this is a remake that does so well ! I remember watching this and feeling sk uncomfortble at points I had to look away ! Which for me is the sign of good horror ( if thats what the plot intells ) this is a movie that brings emotion , revenge , love , lust , and teaches a lesson all in one

The Last House on the Left imageThe Last House on the Left image

The Last House on the Left

Movies | Crime

This movie was one I watched at a young age and remember being left mind blown by . This was a very intriguing plot and well acting !

The Uninvited imageThe Uninvited image

The Uninvited

Movies | Drama

This is not a terrible movie , however it couldve been better ! The acting is decent and the characters are semi believable . I think its more of a mind f*** than a horror film though .

Mirrors imageMirrors image


Movies | Horror

This is actually quite a good film ! Decent horror and a but it does invokve gore ( 7/10 on the fore scale ) so if you are looking for a light hearted horror film , skip. this ! But if you are looking for something spooky with decent character development ! This is great !

30 Days of Night image30 Days of Night image

30 Days of Night

Movies | Horror

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