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One of the better suspense-filled horror movies I’ve seen in a while. Happy to see my boy Lip from Shameless doing other acting!

The Rental imageThe Rental image

The Rental

Movies | Horror

This show is completely underrated. It’s impossible to explain to people (musical, feminist but in a clever subterfuge type of way) but I truly adore it. Incredible actors.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend imageCrazy Ex-Girlfriend image

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Shows | Comedy

I gotta admit, as ridiculous as this movie was it’s the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a minute. The twists and turns are like taking sharp right angle turns and going upside down on a roller coaster. Some good acting, mostly not, but gotta love a cute creepy southern boy and his Grandpappy. Also, in the end, honestly a cool concept.

A House on the Bayou imageA House on the Bayou image

A House on the Bayou

Movies | Horror

So beautiful. Sweet, sincere and thoughtful.

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Movies | Drama

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