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Im happy to be apart of this community. It allows me to choose wisely and opens me to other choices of books, movies ect. I like being in the know of most things but as of lately my books/audiobooks and television have been my outlet to put my brain and spirit on pause. I watch and read while I do my most favorite thing in the world crochet. When Im not being a wife, mother, sister, daughter. Its my time. Cheers see you on the next page, next episode, next chain from hook.


This series had me on the edge..super trigger series each episode not mild by any means. Well done!

Anatomy of a Scandal imageAnatomy of a Scandal image

Anatomy of a Scandal

Shows | Drama

I was never a fan of this author but when I read this book it really had me at the end of my seat. I really like how the author played with this genre it was q uite clever to say the least.

Angels & Demons imageAngels & Demons image

Angels & Demons

Books | Dan Brown

I do not know how I came across this book and I know for sure it was not my usually ways but I would say this it helped me feel at peace with my decision when I divorced. It helped me through it by how the author set examples so clear to me and relatable was hard not to finish it.

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Books | Elizabeth Gilbert

Another book I read a while ago and dont remember too much of it. May have to reread it.

Daughter of Fortune imageDaughter of Fortune image

Daughter of Fortune

Books | Isabel Allende

I remember picking this book up at the airport shop. I was running late to the gate but had to pick up a book for the long flight back home...and just picked up the first book I saw glad I did. I loved it...the time period, the grittiness...

The Alienist imageThe Alienist image

The Alienist

Books | Caleb Carr

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