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A bit long and I figured it early on but worth a watch. Bale is always great.

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The Pale Blue Eye

Movies | Crime

Garland can definitely create beautiful films and the tension is real here at the beginning. His past works were more my pace with the writing. This loses me by the end. Jessie Buckley is awesome. Garland is awesome but this one isn’t for me.

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Movies | Drama

Wow. I’ve been a fan of Sheridan since Sicario and I’ve recently written about my love of 1883, Yellowstone and Tulsa King. Mayor of Kingstown is an entirely different beast. A business that works as a communication middleground/bargaining entity between gangs inside and outside of prison, family members of prisoners, the prison guards and local law enforcement. I just finished the first season. Every episode enthralled me. Great characters and storylines filled with brief moments of hope that are smashed with unflinching brutality. Enjoyed this one.

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Mayor of Kingstown

Shows | Drama

Taylor Sheridan is definitely creating a lot of content. I loved 1883. I have enjoyed Yellowstone. Sly Stallone playing a mob capo recently released from prison and assigned to Tulsa, Oklahoma? Sure, why not. I believe the series could have been elevated with different casting but I have to say I’ve enjoyed Tulsa King so far. The episodes are short and the story moves at an entertaining pace.

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Tulsa King

Shows | Crime

AI interaction with humans can be such an interesting starting point for a story. This film is not great but I believe if the writing was tighter it could have been. I really enjoyed the cast and Taylor-Joy is playing a different kind of chess in this one.

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Movies | Horror

I couldn’t stop watching. It’s a creepy world.

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The Serpent

Shows | Drama

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