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Been meaning to talk about this treasure! I think I liked the movie but again, netflix struggles sometimes with their endings or leaning too far into something that works- but if overdone, kinda miss the mark. For instance, the scene with the bus- brilliant idea and I think super fun but I would have liked to see a fight back, chase down scene, or something. The ending felt rushed but also drugged out at the same time. I enjoyed the film but would have liked to see more! ☀️

Texas Chainsaw Massacre imageTexas Chainsaw Massacre image

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Movies | Horror

Alright, i guess i have to give a thumbs up. it definitely kept me entertained but i was so frustrated with the writing. it was very hard to follow at times, and just the way the plot was given- just made it almost irritating trying to keep up. i also felt like a long build to a finale that was very anti-climatic. it was entertaining and i enjoyed the potential it had but somewhat disappointed in the ending. anyone else felt this way? #conflicted

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window imageThe Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window image

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Shows | Comedy

Alright. I’ve been lacking on watching this movie but I finally gave it a try. I enjoyed it. I felt that since it was a two hour movie, we would get more action but the slow build works for this story, I think. Once we get to the late night show scene, I am excited about the action and then boom.. it’s over. I felt it was anticlimactic but again, i think it works for this story. I would give 3.5/5. Loved the acting, loved the characters, etc. A decent movie for a movie day.

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Wow! I saw netflix recommended this to me! I always find these documentaries hit or miss but whew! This one was a hit. Each episode just brings you in slowly.. next thing you know- it’s over! I could have definitely watched more or wouldn’t have complained for longer episodes. Grab a bottle of wine, some snacks, and get a nice blanket. You’ll be clutching your pearls watching this one..

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Worst Roommate Ever

Shows | Crime

Scream is one of my all time favorite slasher films! I know the first one can be.. overhyped? However, it deserves it! The balance between humor and actually suspense of what will happen next. It’s a beautiful movie with something really special about it. I watch it many times a YEAR! check it out. Join the scream family. It’s.. chaotic and it’s fun. It’s scream!

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Movies | Crime

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