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I like to read and write, and I like to pretend I'm smart and knowledgeable.


A relatively digestible introduction to Kant. Scruton, for instance, helpfully clarifies the distinction between a category and a form of intuition. He also acknowledges the ambuiguity to be found in some of Kant's writing; Scruton addresses different interpretations of Kant and spells out the differences.

Kant: A Very Short Introduction imageKant: A Very Short Introduction image

Kant: A Very Short Introduction

Books | Roger Scruton

Though I have a way to go before I'll feel comfortable in my understanding of this book, I found it insightful and would definitely recommend it. I decided to read this before getting to Heidegger's Being and Time, allegedly one of the most difficult books ever written. The main thing that Heidegger, or Dreyfus's Heidegger, seems to be getting across in Division I is that at the level of everyday coping, mental states do not mediate between self and world. Woah.

Being-in-the-world imageBeing-in-the-world image


Books | Hubert L. Dreyfus

It just works for me. I love Jack Black's style of line delivery and physical acting. I love the uber-talented kids and their musical skills. And it's a very funny movie, one of my favorite comedies.

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School of Rock

Movies | Comedy

A good movie, both honest and sad. The characters confront big issues, issues of closeness and openness; is it better to open up, or is the prospect too frightening to consider? It's also great to see a young man being shaped by the influential women in his life; the misadventures are endearing, the lessons taught are well worth considering. It's a funny movie with charming, off-kilter dialogue exchanges. It might make you take a look in the mirror, too. Beautiful narration, beautiful images.

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20th Century Women

Movies | Drama

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