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my hot take: I REALLY LIKED IT!!! there were some parts where the movie made sense, and i understand the vision, some parts weren’t executed in the best way though. one part that really threw me off was when bunny said that she knew about the victory project and that everything was fake. if i’m being honest, that particular scene kind of reminded me of wandavision lol. one part i def cringed at was when ALICE AND JACK DID IT IN FRANKS BEDROOM!!! AND HOW FRANK AND ALICE MADE EYE CONTACT 🫣🫠!!! that honestly scared me but in the end, i think that harry has a real future as an actor (his performance was great, people are just dramatic) and florence pugh is literally a queen. i give this movie a 9.4/10.

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Don't Worry Darling

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i did like it but i didn’t really understand why they had to try and make corey and michael work together,, i mean i understand why it happened but michael has always been solo (he cannot and does not need to be replaced). i thought the kills were pretty good though and the end scene with michael and laurie was TRIUMPHANT!! i do get why some people did not like it though, especially long time fans of the franchise but overall i give this movie a 8/10.

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Halloween Ends

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