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Now I understand why people wouldn't like this movie. Overall she changed for selfish reasons. (to get the guy or get the prize money) Even at the end she frames the other teacher. Why? Just because they didn't get along and she tries to steal her man. It's a story that plays like she's a better person by the end, but honestly she got what she wanted by staying the same person and it just working out for her.

Bad Teacher imageBad Teacher image

Bad Teacher

Movies | Comedy

Loved this movie so much! Just so much fun watching it!

Nacho Libre imageNacho Libre image

Nacho Libre

Movies | Comedy

These are easy good ones!

Despicable Me 2 imageDespicable Me 2 image

Despicable Me 2

Movies | Animation

There's a million movies like this, but this one stands out for me. It really was cute and the relationship building was adorable.

Safe Haven imageSafe Haven image

Safe Haven

Movies | Romance

Just stupid fun I watched with my dad! Nostalgic!

Good Burger imageGood Burger image

Good Burger

Movies | Comedy

Acting was amazing and it really gripped you on how bad things are out of our own bubbles.

Blood Diamond imageBlood Diamond image

Blood Diamond

Movies | Drama

There's a few kdramas I truly loved and this one was amazing! The cast nailed it, the whole idea was awesome and it left me on the edge of my seat! I know wishing for a second season is a little silly by this point, but I've never wanted one more! Obviously it's pretty bloody, but I love scary movies so that didn't affect me. Definitely add it to your list if you haven't yet!

Sweet Home imageSweet Home image

Sweet Home

Shows | Drama

The acting was hands down the best thing about this show! It gripped me and the storyline and constant twists had you on your toes every minute! It's one I wish I could watch again and honestly every show I've watched after can't hold a candle and I find myself comparing them. You will not regret watching this piece of art!

Beyond Evil imageBeyond Evil image

Beyond Evil

Shows | Drama

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