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A hard-hitting novel on hope, second chances, and seeing the world through new eyes. Told in the snarky and confined voice of a reanimated lost soul, we see how, on the surface, an average life is routine, predictable, boring even, but when looking closely, it is filled with everyday joys, sorrows, discovery, and opportunity; it is truly the little things in life; the presence of friends, new hobbies, and communication, that make life colorful. So often we only see our side of things, but how much wider the world becomes when we open ourselves up to the experiences of others. Delivers an incredibly impactful message with heartfelt brush strokes.

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Books | Eto Mori

An original series of reflections on the complicated joys and sorrows of being a brown girl in contemporary New York. Told from the collective voice of a close knit friend group in the “dregs of Queens”, we see the many sides of familial expectation, prejudice and assumptions, ambition, desire, and the pursuit of finding oneself. We see the enduring power of female friendship and the many ways that art, history, and tradition shape lives and decisions. A unique novel.

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Brown Girls

Books | Daphne Palasi Andreades

A magical, strange, and remarkably entertaining catalog of a neighborhood which is anything but ordinary. Through brief glimpses of colorful and larger than life characters, we see the tenderness one feels towards their hometown, and how even the most unique of communities have harmony and routine. Funny, heartfelt, and perfect for a day at the local park.

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People from My Neighborhood

Books | Hiromi Kawakami

A riveting novel that explores deception, disillusionment, and the depths of one’s mind and heart. Through honest and intimate prose, we follow the Sympathizer as he ponders: what is freedom? What does it mean to love your country? What does it mean to have compassion? What is the value of understanding, of bias, of manipulation? And does an absolute truth actually exist, as opposed to glimpses of truth in every unique experience? A truly thought provoking and emotionally stirring novel.

The Sympathizer imageThe Sympathizer image

The Sympathizer

Books | Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Blair Witch Project meets The Terror in this chilling novel. Told through alternative time periods and perspectives, we ponder the questions: What does it mean to be truly trapped? What happens when ambition outweighs safety? Is pride worth the ultimate price? Using the manipulation of time and space, the Dark Between the Trees is an unsettling journey which will make you reconsider your weekend hiking plans.

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The Dark Between The Trees

Books | Fiona Barnett

Powerful, poetic, and tender, this novel is a portrait of loss, of love, of finding the true spirit and courage that resides within the heart. The prose, fluid and lyrical, examines the fault lines within communities, professions, families, and the people who join hands to mend them. A beautiful letter to remind us to love ourselves, our pasts, our endeavors, and to stand together with the loves we find for ourselves towards the future. An incredibly rewarding read.

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The Thirty Names of Night

Books | Zeyn Joukhadar

A delightful and immersive story collection that explores the rich variety of life beyond what we see with the naked eye. Drawing inspiration from myth, legend, and the everyday struggles of contemporary life, Zen Cho creates electric and lovable characters as they navigate eternal life, haunting peers, and instinctual desire. A wonderful mix of reality and the supernatural, filled with humor, love, and loss. Bright, dynamic, and completely wonderful.



Books | Zen Cho

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