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Priya Meghrajani



Just finished watching #severancefinale and I wished this waiting game from the series goes away. Mind blowing show !! #scifi #AppleTV

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Great show !! Quirky, funny with amazing depth to characters and the sensitive topics handled in a light hearted way.

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Sex Education

Shows | Comedy

This book is a journey of an achievement our generation would be remembered for and has the potential to shape the future of human society for a long time to come. it is special because it is also a journey of a woman scientist who has led in an inspiring way !!

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The Code Breaker

Books | Walter Isaacson

Beautiful and magical, great storytelling !! Perfect for the holiday list of movies.

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A Boy Called Christmas

Movies | Family

Heart warming take on taking care of your loved ones, being grateful for what you have and taking care of our surroundings <3 #tomhanks #climatechange #goldengate

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Movies | Drama

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