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Let me just sit here and cry for a minute. ‘A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout was SO GOOD. Armentrout is a star romance writer, and plays to her strengths excellently. The romance is expertly spun, flush with tingly scenes that are tastefully written. Poppy is painfully logical at points, but I cannot fault her for that. She thinks in a pragmatic manner, and pressures her heart into thinking that everyone else operates the same way. Her talents grow in this book, similar

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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

So I finished it. What can I say? I wrote a whole review as I read, but it ended up being flush with semi-spoilers as I kept reading. So here’s a spoiler-free one. This was an excellent introduction to the FBAA series. I remember seeing the beautiful cover of the book, and knowing I would like it. Fantasy, action, and romance are an absolute favorite of mine to read- and this book came with thrill and plot twists as well! If you’ve read ACOTAR, this is a extraordinary series to delve into. Armentrout has an amazing ability to write action scenes flush with violence (which I was apparently thoroughly unacquainted with reading), ferocity, and feistiness. I must admit, I’m very surprised to not see more fan art depicting the world building within the book. It deserves more (and I can’t draw 😅)! Now that I’ve cleared up some major questions, I feel compelled to order some character themed candles in peace. I have a lot of remaining questions that I’ve heard will be explained more in Book 2. I’m positively loving the equal footing that Poppy (the main female lead) stands on. She’s a very well-written, solid character, and somewhat reminds me of both Morrigan and Nesta from ACOTAR (which I just finished the series of!). Bravado, empathy, and strength define her. I wouldn’t suggest Googling questions because of all the mixed in spoilers. I plan to jot my questions down from here on out. All in all, this book gets an easy 5/5 stars from me! Perfect read for a fantasy lover!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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From Blood and Ash

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

Absolutely loved it! Beautiful attire, scintillating plot line, and simply royal soundtrack! Worth the watch, especially for fans of Bridgerton!

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Lady J

Movies | Drama

Here’s what I’ll say. The premise of the book holds until the last few sections of the book, making for a very unreliable understanding of what is truly going on. Reading from that perspective made ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ quite the non- compelling read for me, especially since I am largely unacquainted with suspense novels. After getting past the larger revelations of what is actually taking place, and parts of the story being fully elucidated- I began to really understand the leading element

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Rock Paper Scissors

Books | Alice Feeney

‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ definitely was a more drawn-out read than the previous two books, mainly because of the preparation mode that the story focuses on. Maas has a way of writing scenes that include little moments of sarcasm and one-liners that make me smile or laugh. Though some of the conversations are overtly militaristic, I don’t mind- because of the joking banter. The majority of the poor reviews for the ACOTAR series that I come across are focused on the fact that the books are very romance- driven. That’s true, but all the better if romance is something that makes characters more personable to you! ☺️ Once the plot unfurls, the preparation ends, and the climactic point of the story really gets going, the exhilarating parts really shine. The thrill of the last quarter of the book makes the slower paced beginning well worth it. I’ve said this before, but I really appreciate the intelligent female leads in all of the books- it puts a lot of common tropes in fantasy stories to shame! There are so many beautiful quotes in these books about inherent value and worth, taking shape in characters like Feyre, Nesta, Mor, Amren, and Elain. I am positively stoked to start with A Court of Frost and Starlight, and eventually A Court of Silver Flames!!

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A Court of Wings and Ruin

Books | Sarah J. Maas

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