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Love this movie, truly a classic. Watch it every October. ☺️

Death Becomes Her imageDeath Becomes Her image

Death Becomes Her

Movies | Comedy

It wasn’t a movie I loved but I oddly would watch it again.

The Mothman Prophecies imageThe Mothman Prophecies image

The Mothman Prophecies

Movies | Drama

I like this one better than the first. Great cast and again a yearly Halloween watch with the family.

Addams Family Values imageAddams Family Values image

Addams Family Values

Movies | Comedy

Classic family movie. Watch this every year around Halloween.

The Addams Family imageThe Addams Family image

The Addams Family

Movies | Horror

It’s one of those just watch it once. I don’t see myself getting in the mood to watch this particular movie, but it was a good watch.

1408 image1408 image


Movies | Horror

Okay this movie might have to be added to my yearly watch list. It is so beyond cheesy. But that John Franklin is one good actor, because Isaac is freaky af.

Children of the Corn imageChildren of the Corn image

Children of the Corn

Movies | Horror

I always say this show is alright but I’ve seen it more than a handful of times and I still want to watch it. So whether I like it or not, I love this movie.

Interview with the Vampire imageInterview with the Vampire image

Interview with the Vampire

Movies | Horror

Ash fully develops into the true saw arm, boom stick, pillow talking protagonist we all love. My favorite of the trilogy.

Army of Darkness imageArmy of Darkness image

Army of Darkness

Movies | Fantasy

This is like the first but obscenely over the top making Ash a cult classic. If you want to watch Army of Darkness definitely watch this first.

Evil Dead II imageEvil Dead II image

Evil Dead II

Movies | Horror

NC-17 I didn’t realize it had that rating but I guess when the forest f$&€s you that is a bit triggering. Still I’d place Ash above Freddy and Jason any day.

The Evil Dead imageThe Evil Dead image

The Evil Dead

Movies | Horror

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