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French’s book reminded me that I like books set in Ireland and should read more mystery. I did not guess the ending, nor was I disappointed.

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In the Woods

Books | Tana French

Written in an intimate and unwavering voice, this book was made for mothers of young children. If you ever wanted someone to put a wrathful voice to your postpartum weariness and the sublimation of your personhood to caregiving and fluids, this is for you.

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Books | Rachel Yoder

An Interesting and well-constructed time travel premise. A thoughtful and vivid exploration of grieving (temporally? temporarily?) lost love.

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An Ocean of Minutes

Books | Thea Lim

Remember how after 2020 and 2021 the future is a black abyss from which no joy nor light can escape? This lady says she’s been there and you should totally cope by doing a bunch random weirdness. To be honest, this book read like a sequel and a few times I found myself wishing I was reading the other, apparently better book that was regularly referenced. Alas, I had not.

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Furiously Happy

Books | Jenny Lawson

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