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A great documentary listing down the harshness faced by people who decided to endure a full year in the coldest place on Earth.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice imageAntarctica: A Year on Ice image

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Movies | Drama

The duo of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks makes this movie an absolute beauty.

The Terminal imageThe Terminal image

The Terminal

Movies | Comedy

If you are a fan of big bang theory you will like this for sure. Even if you aren't this will prove as a good prequel for getting you started with "Big Bang Theory". The voice-over by Jim Parsons is so well done. The entire Cooper family along with the grandmother is so great at living up to their roles.

Young Sheldon imageYoung Sheldon image

Young Sheldon

Shows | Comedy

A great drama and thriller from the country of Israel.

Losing Alice imageLosing Alice image

Losing Alice

Shows | Drama

Gary Oldman did a great depiction of Winston Churchill. Historical and dramatic.

Darkest Hour imageDarkest Hour image

Darkest Hour

Movies | Drama

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