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Isabelle C



A good story about people who deserve good friends. You’ll just be glad they have each other and wish you have friends like them too! Cute ♥️

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Shows | Drama

Makes me want to be a teenager. Perfect for the ones who love em’ light hearted fun 🥰

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Dash & Lily

Shows | Comedy

I am surprised I like this show not one to watch psychological thrillers because These shows make me check if I locked the doors 1828822901x (more of the light hearted hart of dixie kind of girl) but I like it! So far so good! Besides big little lies was pretty good!! Needs a 3rd season!! (Same by David E kelley)

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Big Sky

Shows | Drama

Binged watch this during daylight as demons scare the hell out of me!! And no not everything is about demonic possesions etc they kept it “realistic” but the story is riveting cannot get enough even though it makes me look behind me every now and then lol

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Shows | Drama

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