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Lover of movies and books. Trying to expand my reading list all the time


Never read any King before this, but I'm pretty happy I started here. Seemed a but rushed in some moments, but what do I know. He's King. Not as dark as his other novels (from what I have heard). Best to go into this book blind.

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Fairy Tale

Books | Stephen King

The dad jokes never end. I love it. Nerd-out all you want when reading this book. It's a blast. Hopefully you can deal with the science stuff. I understood maybe 1% of the heavy science stuff and I still had a fantastic time. Laughed out loud countless occasions.

The Martian imageThe Martian image

The Martian

Books | Andy Weir

I did really enjoy Frank's take on civilization and what he believes it will always be. Other than that, simple story, simple characters, and simple plot points. Suggestion: write down the names of families and people you meet (and a brief description of who they are) in the book, because I constantly forgot who was who when a conversation between 2 characters started.

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Books | Frank Herbert

Movie sucks. Book sucks the happiness from you. Very sad, depressing, triggering book. Silver lining: the dialogue will make you smile. The movie completely neglected to show that dialogue, which I believe made it an unbearable watching experience. All the director wanted was to show sadness if you ask me... the film did not explore hope, like McCarthy does.

The Road imageThe Road image

The Road

Books | Cormac McCarthy

The world building in this book was done perfectly, I think. This is the setting I would most like to visit of any book I've read. And Jazz is too fun not to love in my opinion. My mother hates her.

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Books | Andy Weir

I wish I read it before watching the movie. Both the film and the book are fantastic, but believe me when I say... you want to read this one first.

The Talented Mr. Ripley imageThe Talented Mr. Ripley image

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Books | Patricia Highsmith

Interesting concept. I didn't think I was a fan of historical fiction, until I read this. Polarizing.

The Man in the High Castle imageThe Man in the High Castle image

The Man in the High Castle

Books | Philip Dick

Not what I expected... can't wait for the film adaptation. It better happen.

Project Hail Mary imageProject Hail Mary image

Project Hail Mary

Books | Andy Weir

Absolutely loved the dialogue throughout the story. Page turner from start to finish.

No Country for Old Men imageNo Country for Old Men image

No Country for Old Men

Books | Cormac McCarthy

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