Jacqueline Howard



I had to get past the creeper that is Johnny Depp, but truth be told, an exceptionally talented actor. Interesting story, well laid out. Forest Whitaker and Shea Whigham perfectly executed their roles. Held my attention.

City of Lies imageCity of Lies image

City of Lies

Movies | Crime

Hands down, in my book, the #1 show ever created. Brilliant writing, expertly acted, thought provoking, richly painted characters and plots, and Idris Elba. Did I be too. Idris Elba?

The Wire imageThe Wire image

The Wire

Shows | Drama

Addicting! Buscemi is brilliant. Beautifully filmed period piece loosely based on real events.

Boardwalk Empire imageBoardwalk Empire image

Boardwalk Empire

Shows | Drama

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