Jacqueline Howard



Well written, acted, and directed. Fast paced. Heart breaking yet triumphant.

Ridley Road imageRidley Road image

Ridley Road

Shows | Drama

Cray-cray story, well written and acted. Based loosely on true story. Excellent period work-late $0s and early 80s.

Candy imageCandy image


Shows | Crime

Wow! Brilliantly produced and edited doc. I love these windows into gritty 1970s NYC and it doesn’t get grittier than this. The story compassionately unfolds while shining a light on the horrific, blatant racism that proliferated the NYPD at the time. It helps the viewer understand where the criminals’ came from that led them to a desperate act that dominoes into the tragic death of an officer. This doc will keep you on the edge of seat like no other and to consider if redemption is possible.

Hold Your Fire imageHold Your Fire image

Hold Your Fire

Movies | Documentary

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