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Sick and demented with amazing visuals. Sarah Paulson is absolutely amazing in this series!

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Many years ago after watching Jaws as a youngster I would not set one foot in the water when at the beach. That is how bad this movie affected me. Now as an adult I totally love Spielberg's Shark movie. Roy Schnieder is intense and an awesome actor in this film. One of my all time favorite scenes in the movie is the comparing scars scene with Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. Highly recommended!

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Movies | Horror

Timothy Oliphant plays Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylene Givens and his special brand of justice finds himself reassigned to the small town he grew up in Kentucky. A phenomenal TV series with Oliphant at his absolute best.

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Shows | Crime

An absolutely hilarious show about Dave aka Lil Dicky as he moves up the music industry as a new rap icon. There are many moments of uncomfortable hilarity.

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As a stand up comedian who has been performing for 14 years what I love about this podcast is that they will have a guest comedian, play an audio clip from one of their performances and give a breakdown on how they came up with that particular joke. It really gives insight on the process and creativity of some of the funniest people in comedy.

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Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Podcasts | Comedy

The set up - What if playing videogames was just training for an upcoming alien attack? Totally fun and like Ernest Cline's previous novel Ready Player One pure nostalgia. Highly recommended.

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Books | Ernest Cline

Idris Elba is amazing in this BBC series and highly recommended!

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Shows | Crime

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