Jess Ica



Well acted but incredibly drawn out meandering story line that didn’t really hold my attention. Dotted with moments of extreme racial interactions that felt jarring and out of place

Licorice Pizza imageLicorice Pizza image

Licorice Pizza

Movies | Drama

For anyone unaware, its a musical ! Wasn’t sure what to expect but it really drew me in… watched it on a flight and was choking back tears .. loved it!

Cyrano imageCyrano image


Movies | Music

Brought it on vacation as an easy beach read and couldn’t put it down !

28 Summers image28 Summers image

28 Summers

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

Wish they pulled back a little on the “sci-fi” , but overall a sweet love story

The In Between imageThe In Between image

The In Between

Movies | Science Fiction

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