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Jessi Bourdon


Really good read, gives you something interesting without needing the fantasy aspect

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Books | Pete Hautman

This is easily my all time favourit book. I can read this over and over again. Brilliantly written in a unique style that really helps get the character across. Love love love this book and all the clever symbolism used throughout.

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Flowers for Algernon

Books | Daniel Keyes

Good book, interesting, wish i took the time to read the second book and see where the story goes.

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A Great and Terrible Beauty

Books | Libba Bray

I dont particularly have a favourit author. But yes this book series was interesting, mind you I didnt finish it because it slows down a bit by book 7ish. But the story overall is pretty good.

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Books | P. C. Cast

Love VC Andrew's, she is all nostalgia for me as my late mother read her books all the time. The runaways where my first books I had ever read proactively and all the way through and so this particular collection from her has a special place in my heart.

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Books | V.C. Andrews

One of the very few non fantasy based books I have read and loved it and its sequel shrimp. I would love to find more books like this and possibly re read these as it's been a decade since I had the pleasure.

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Books | Rachel Cohn

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