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Touchingly beautiful anthology where humanity is so thoroughly explored via a tight nucleus of characters in one dingy setting. What's the point in time travel if it can't change anything? Turns out there are some truly in depth answers to that question. Clang-dong!

Before the Coffee Gets Cold imageBefore the Coffee Gets Cold image

Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Books | Toshikazu Kawaguchi

I will say I liked it enough to finish it, despite some very strange plotholes. If it was a longer book though, it would probably have been a DNF for me.

The Watcher Girl imageThe Watcher Girl image

The Watcher Girl

Books | Minka Kent

Typical "new kid arrives and has to overcome the bullies and other obstacles " stuff, nothing groundbreaking, but decent execution of a well established trope, in this case made extra relatable to kids of Filipino ethnicity or fans of skateboarding culture.

Brown Boy Nowhere imageBrown Boy Nowhere image

Brown Boy Nowhere

Books | Sheeryl Lim

This is classed as dystopian by some, but so much of what happens in this book is not that far removed from reality. A major eye opener to reflect on our judgmental attitude as a society towards mothers, including the double standards compared to fathers, and the extra scrutiny towards mothers of color or other minority status.

The School for Good Mothers imageThe School for Good Mothers image

The School for Good Mothers

Books | Jessamine Chan

So touching and beautiful. What's also impressive is how she manages to slip really cool scientific information into each essay, without losing any momentum, and if anything adding to the emotional impact.

World of Wonders imageWorld of Wonders image

World of Wonders

Books | Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Great intertwining of the main story with backstory, taking place in such a fantastical ,albeit real life setting.

The Hungry Tide imageThe Hungry Tide image

The Hungry Tide

Books | Amitav Ghosh

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