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I really enjoyed the idea of this book, the build up and story line, however I was a bit disappointed with the ending. Regardless of my thoughts definitely a good read and I recommend!

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The Sanatorium

Books | Sarah Pearse

Great twist on a true story! I listened to this true story via podcast shortly before I watched the limited series. Loved the character development, but definitely felt it could dive deeper into the details of the happenings and assumptions of the events. I only say this because I love the creepy details (for lack of a better term, without giving away too much for those of you who have yet to watch). From my understanding this true story was never solved, so I think that this take was a great spin on true events. The actors did a fantastic job in this series. Hope you give it a watch snd enjoy it like I did! :)

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The Watcher

Shows | Drama

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