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This show is very Gossip Girl meets Riverdale. It has all of the unrealistic features of the aforementioned shows, including the fact that it’s addicting. I admit - I binged it - all 7 seasons. The final season went a bit too far in my opinion, but I couldn’t give up on it with only a few episodes left. It was a fun watch, but I will be taking a break before watching the reboot.

Pretty Little Liars imagePretty Little Liars image

Pretty Little Liars

Shows | Drama

I started watching this not realizing that it was based on a true story. It was even more intriguing after I learned that. I would recommend. It does a great job of depicting a man that must make the difficult decision of putting the greater good before loyalty to his church (even amidst increasing pressure from his family and the church).

Under the Banner of Heaven imageUnder the Banner of Heaven image

Under the Banner of Heaven


This show was great. I’m still disappointed that it was cancelled.

Friends from College imageFriends from College image

Friends from College

Shows | Comedy

This was an interesting take on recent events that were heavily covered by the news. Obviously, it is based on a book written by James Comey, so it’s merely one perspective. I think there is something to be said for the dramatization of real events, though. So often, we hear buzz words and headlines, but it’s hard to imagine how the events actually played out. This certainly gives context and does a nice job at it.

The Comey Rule imageThe Comey Rule image

The Comey Rule

Shows | Drama

Intriguing in the same way that Normal People was to me. The characters are complex and the storyline is thought-provoking.

Conversations with Friends imageConversations with Friends image

Conversations with Friends

Shows | Drama

This was very binge-able. I was a little disappointed that Season 2 was a separate storyline from Season 1, but both seasons were great. The characters are interesting and complex. I would recommend.

The Missing imageThe Missing image

The Missing

Shows | Drama

This show admittedly started slow. I tried watching the first episode (and reading the first chapter of the book) multiple times before finally committing to watching this limited series. Once I was able to focus through the slower parts, though, I didn’t regret it. This show was outstanding. It’s a must watch for anybody that enjoys a good mystery.

Sharp Objects imageSharp Objects image

Sharp Objects

Shows | Drama

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