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slow burn but well worth the ending😭very atmospheric lovely scenery & costumes. Perfect watch on a below 0 crisp evening 7/10

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The Pale Blue Eye

Movies | Crime

rewatching for the new season that looks fab. I loved the 1st season, the nostalgia of the 70s❤️ & all the easter eggs . The 40s & 70s aesthetics are beautiful to watch. I get a kick out of the creepy but funny sec of state ( makes ya wonder what they were really doing in the white house). And the soundtrack is worth purchasing. The Youth For Christ Choir singing was haunting & mesmerizing.

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Shows | Drama

while i definitely enjoyed this movie, setting was very 90s & well done, Malkovich gave a staggering performance as usual, i am a little bored w/ butch female cop role & Martin was luke warm at 1st & picked up tward the end, 1 thing that has to go is the idea of the super loyal partners troupe. It really goes back to the crusades when it was encouraged for soldiers to take male LOVERS to battle, they would tend to fight to the death for each other, if they lived they would be roman ghey citizens & honored as such. A lot of this type of relationship in world 🌎 history

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Movies | Thriller

very fine horror in an 80s vein, loved the synth & heavy metal style w/ a little robo cop thrown in(the thing wouldn’t die😂). Tori starts off as party girl & …well check it out for yourself 👍🏼 & absolutely no cgi, all real stunts. 7⭐️⭐️

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Christmas Bloody Christmas

Movies | Horror

nostalgic fun, best memories of the gen x era

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Shows | Comedy

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