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What the heck was this? I mean, it was very well done, but I had a hard time with the plot. If the "forgotten children" were important enough to be in the title, why did we not see more of them? Maybe I need to rewatch.

Birdboy imageBirdboy image


Movies | Fantasy

Not what I expected. I guess the "karen" persona spans all countries. Haha. Crazy story. Could not have predicted the ending. A coming of age story for horror fans. Tragic and somehow redeeming at the same time.

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Movies | Horror

Great! Not as much torture as you would expect, and a ridiculously predictable conclusion, but still good.

The Tortured imageThe Tortured image

The Tortured

Movies | Horror

Despite the gratuitous sex scenes, I liked this. The titular "coming apart" of the main character was subtle, almost unnoticeable, until towards the end.

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Coming Apart

Movies | Drama

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