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As one of the two best pilots I’ve ever seen (the other being Lost), it’s sad to say how terrible the show became (also like Lost).

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The Walking Dead

Shows | Action & Adventure

Sitting in my queue for months, I couldn’t believe how intriguing this masterfully original take on a serial killer is. French with subtitles, the characters are so compellingly drawn, and the plot so exquisitely unraveled, I couldn’t help but live this production. I wish I could give certain shows more stars than a routine thumbs up. This one would get 5 stars!

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La Mante

Shows | Drama

Even though the last season is unfortunate, the first is a refreshingly original take on robots that focuses on the humans instead.

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Shows | Drama

So different from anything I’ve ever watched—I couldn’t get enough. My wife didn’t understand or appreciate it, but I found the understated humor and complex drama to be genius! Terry O’Quinn’s acting during the close-up interview scenes is mesmerizing.

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Shows | Comedy

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