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Khari Hardin



Junior in college - psychology major 🧠 Marvel and DC Comics enthusiast. Although, I prefer DC Comics (my shirt says it all) 😎


I really enjoyed the first season. Every season after that was just okay. Not bad, just not as mysterious/good as the first.

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Marvel's Runaways

Shows | Action & Adventure

Definitely a different type of horror movie. Also, very gory. If serial killer movies don’t scare you, but demonic movies do, than this is something you should watch. I didn’t find it scary, just bizarre. It all comes together at the end.

Malignant imageMalignant image


Movies | Horror

I actually feel asleep during this movie. Not because it was bad but I was slowly losing interest. From the part I watched it looked good. Very suspenseful. Will have to rewatch

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Movies | Thriller

I just started this show and I’m still on the first season.. I’m hooked! Every time I finish an episode I end up watching another (even though I should be doing school work). It aired in 2001 so it’s somewhat old but it’s very good.

24 image24 image


Shows | Action & Adventure

Hilarious movie with tons of action. Definitely a movie theatre movie. I enjoyed the 2016 version also. Good cast.

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The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

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