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Kim Brianna



I LOVE THIS BOOK! To be honest, the beginning was really boring and slow and I was gonna give up on it but then I didn't and when Ivan started coming into the story, the story got GOOD! I love their relationship so much and how they tease each other.

From Lukov with Love imageFrom Lukov with Love image

From Lukov with Love

Books | Mariana Zapata

I love this BOOK, I love the trope grumpy x sunshine😍😍

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Twisted Love

Books | Ana Huang

I really liked it but their relationships was weird but it’s good. LOL

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Books | Penelope Douglas

I love love LOVE AARON BLACKFORD. I love how he’s such a green flag and what’s sad is that you can’t find no one like him irl but I love this book so much!!

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The Spanish Love Deception

Books | Elena Armas

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