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I couldn’t stop once I started...I avoided this series for a long time, thinking it was going to be overly silly, or only about soccer. Boy, was I wrong! You will fall in love with this series. It’s well-written, well-acted, life-affirming, funny, sweet and one of the best I’ve watched in a long time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Ted Lasso imageTed Lasso image

Ted Lasso

Shows | Comedy

A great story! This is when Johnny Depp was still sexy. Music is rich. Cinematography is gorgeous. Very romantic.

Chocolat imageChocolat image


Movies | Comedy

I loved this. Like the great 90’s romcoms. Funny, sarcastic, I enjoyed it.

Always Be My Maybe imageAlways Be My Maybe image

Always Be My Maybe

Movies | Romance

My favorite version of this classic. Could he be sexier? No.

Pride and Prejudice imagePride and Prejudice image

Pride and Prejudice

Shows | Drama

One of my favorite romance movies...light, fluffy, a great version of Cinderella. Plus, Angelica Huston is sublime as the evil stepmother.

EverAfter imageEverAfter image


Movies | Drama

It’s funny, romantic, perfect for popcorn and a good date.

The Princess Bride imageThe Princess Bride image

The Princess Bride

Movies | Adventure

It’s a sweet movie. Mandy Moore does a good job with a script that’s a little sugary.

A Walk to Remember imageA Walk to Remember image

A Walk to Remember

Movies | Drama

It’s sooo romantic, subtle. A classic.

Pride & Prejudice imagePride & Prejudice image

Pride & Prejudice

Movies | Drama

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