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Levi Salvador



Illustration student. Comics, animation, movie production, and bubble tea enthusiast. "all art is quite useless" - oscar wilde


I had some trouble reading Wilde's original book, but put in the context of a beautifully done comic I really enjoyed the story without the 50 extra words each sentence. Really reccomend for anyone younger who wants to read the classics, comic lovers, or people who learn better visually. I had a teacher in high school let me read the hamlet comic and it helped me understand the play. Totally would've failed that unit if not for the comic.

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Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray, Part 1


Its kind of obvious the comic was written as a self insert for all nerdy fanboys, but at least it tries to adress some sexism in the superhero culture. It misses a few points but overall it's a really fun show with a fresh look at consequences heroes might have on the world around them

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The Boys

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Incredible. Groundbreaking. I cried multiple times but in a good way. Truly a feel good story and I hope and cant wait for a second season.

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First few seasons are the best, and definitely a product of its time with the way it handles certain issues and makes jokes. I would say still waiting on the movie but after season 6 I'm not hopeful that it would even be good, we would need the original cast back

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