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I was skeptical about a new Top gun 30 years later, but I found myself completely mezmorized with the movie. As a Navy Veteran, I really enjoyed the Naval talk and life style. I brought me back. Great Movie, Great Acting 5/5 go see it!

Top Gun: Maverick imageTop Gun: Maverick image

Top Gun: Maverick

Movies | Action

After all the movies Robin Williams had been in, What Dreams May Come was my most favorite movie of all time. The similarities this movie has to my favorite books The Divine Comedy are extraordinary. The path Dante takes to find Beatrice through Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso is like when Chris (Robin) passes away and finds himself in Heaven, but gives it up when he finds that his wife Annie (Anabella) was in Hell. The path he travels through Hell is amazing and worth the time to watch!

What Dreams May Come imageWhat Dreams May Come image

What Dreams May Come

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