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Lucy Cirone



Amazing show. Hooked right from the start. Sometimes the actors don't have to say anything just the looking their eyes explains what the scene is. Love it. Worth a watch.

My Brilliant Friend imageMy Brilliant Friend image

My Brilliant Friend

Shows | Drama

Loved it. Adorable, surprising. Acting superb. Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon hilarious.

Yesterday imageYesterday image


Movies | Comedy

Costumes, setting are superb. Extraordinary series. You really get a feel for that late twenties early thirties time.

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Seaside Hotel

Shows | Comedy

Amazing story of strong women. Should be made into a movie.

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The Godmothers

Books | Camille Aubray

Everything. The cinematography is beautiful. The beach, the wind, the waves and the fields are stars in this miniseries. Actors are spot on. Writing is phenomenal. Will keep you glued to your seat.

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Shows | Drama

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