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This was a phenomenal story! I’m a dog mom and I would have been out of my mind if this had happened to my dog. It’s a beautiful, heart warming story about true love- puppy love- and also a great story about a bond between a father and son that develops because of the lost dog! Just watch it! ♥️

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Dog Gone

Movies | Family

This was such an incredible love story, just have the tissues handy. This couples story tugged at my heartstrings in every way imaginable. The characters were so phenomenal and the directors did a great job of casting. The fire between the leads was incredible. I watched the whole series in 2 nights. I just couldn’t walk away from it.

From Scratch imageFrom Scratch image

From Scratch

Shows | Drama

I’m not normally drawn to violence, but this was so well done and the story line was amazing. I was hooked after a few episodes and extremely disappointed that it was over. Totally binge worthy.

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Queen of the South

Shows | Crime

I normally don’t like science fiction, but this movie was very well done and I really enjoyed it!

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The Adam Project

Movies | Science Fiction

Couldn’t stop watching! I lost so much sleep! The actress that played Anna was absolutely mind blowing!

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Inventing Anna


Very well written, great plot and the actors were fabulous!

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Behind Her Eyes

Shows | Drama

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