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Miryam Salvatore


The slow and gradual shift into insanity was so subtle, as a reader you almost don’t notice it and I think that was such an accurate way of making the reader feel what esther was feeling.

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The Bell Jar

Books | Sylvia Plath

Woolf uses introspective dialogue to illustrate grief on a different level than what is most commonly portrayed. It follows the 6 characters all the way from youth to old age and reading that as their lives unfolded was unlike anything I have ever read before.

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The Waves

Books | Virginia Woolf

Descriptions and vocabulary were great, plot and characterization was lacking especially in the first half of the book

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The Great Gatsby

Books | 80% DISCOUNT ( Save up to 80%)

Amazing illustration of what it feels like to be disassociating

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How It Feels to Float

Books | Helena Fox

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