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Morgan Ritchie



Good book it’s has child abuse. She’s scared so she doesn’t talk because she believes her family will hate her.

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Books | Natasha Preston

Love this!!!! Guns, drugs, love. Awesomeness!

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365 Days

Books | Blanka Lipinska

Second book to Aiden. I freakin love this series. Definitely would read it. It hilarious but incredibly sad at the same time.

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Books | H. L. Swan

There was so much going on in this book! It was freakin awesome! I wish it ended a little better but still worth it!

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Puck Me Secretly

Books | Odette Stone

Pretty good book. Some weird turns in this but over all pretty good. He’s the star and she’s the hero who saved em.

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Until It Fades

Books | K.A. Tucker

Freakin great they both “hated” each other even though they really just wanted in each other’s pants!!

Hate To Love You imageHate To Love You image

Hate To Love You

Books | Tijan

He’s messed up and she not quite right at the moment and they just work it out with each other even when it’s toxic.

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Start a Fire

Books | Julia Wolf

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