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myri <3


great book. dives into blm and being the only few BIPOCs at a pwi. #blm #pwi #black

Ace of Spades imageAce of Spades image

Ace of Spades

Books | Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

another great murder mystery that’s apart of a series!

The Box in the Woods imageThe Box in the Woods image

The Box in the Woods

Books | Maureen Johnson

i loved it! i hate everyone but her trope. great šmūt and the romance and raw emotion >>> #romance #comedy #blackwomen #german

The Kissing Game imageThe Kissing Game image

The Kissing Game

Books | Marie Harte

if you like murder mystery, definitely recommend! #mystery #detective #murdermystery

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder imageA Good Girl's Guide to Murder image

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Books | Holly Jackson

first book i’ve read where the ML was a house husband. really great book with really great ****. highly recommend!! #blacklead #blackwomen

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Books | Rebekah Weatherspoon

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