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This books is so raw and brutally honest with what some would consider to be sensitive topics. Its written in such a devastating yet beautiful way. I absolutely loved this book beyond words and cant recommend enough. #mental_health

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Flowers For Algernon

Books | Daniel Keyes

This is by far one of my most favorite books. I’m one of those people that only likes books that make me FEEL something and this book made me cry, laugh, and made me a little angry (in a good way). I totally recommend this book! Even though it definitely has a heartbreaking plot I was left satisfied in the end. #sadbook #love_and_romance #fluffyromance #youvereachedsam

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You've Reached Sam

Books | Dustin Thao

Such a good book! I cant recommend enough, it’s so underrated. It’s so emotional and really pulls your heartstrings. #romance #young_adult_fiction #heartbreaking #suicideawareness

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The Treatment

Books | Suzanne Young

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