Super fun to watch for both kids and adults because the monsters are thrilling and the characters are hilarious

Gravity Falls imageGravity Falls image

Gravity Falls

Shows | Animation

I love both Korra and Last Airbender almost equally. Don't compare Korra too much to The Last Airbender. Last Airbender had plenty of filler episodes and lots more room for side character development. But Korra has shorter seasons so the episodes stay focused on the story line. Amazing fight scenes, explore more of the spirit world, great new characters, and has deeper and darker themes including mental health and politics.

The Legend of Korra imageThe Legend of Korra image

The Legend of Korra

Shows | Action & Adventure

Does not follow the same story or characters throughout the different episodes. No order necessary. Super imaginative and can be dark sometimes. Makes you think

Black Mirror imageBlack Mirror image

Black Mirror

Shows | Drama

Great drama, spreads awareness of Deaf culture, fun to watch

Switched at Birth imageSwitched at Birth image

Switched at Birth

Shows | Drama

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