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GREAT. LOVED IT. I’m a sucker for a good plot and a good betrayal as well as amazing liars. It was shocking to say the least but if you’re a deep person who wants romance, this does have it, but not as much as you would expect. Loved the story though, I can’t wait for the next one

The Cruel Prince imageThe Cruel Prince image

The Cruel Prince

Books | Holly Black

Had to put in the sequel. The story wasn’t over and this just sealed the story with a beautiful bow. I loved it, truly. (Despite my most favorite parts held towards the end)

Warriors of Wing and Flame imageWarriors of Wing and Flame image

Warriors of Wing and Flame

Books | Sara B. Larson

This story bound me. Though it had minor flaws I did not quite find intriguing, I come to find that this book will forever bind me with comfort. And sorrow.

Sisters of Shadow and Light imageSisters of Shadow and Light image

Sisters of Shadow and Light

Books | Sara B. Larson

Good, but I just wished there was more… romance to it. It all felt a bit too quick for my sort of paste, maybe if it were longer and had more chapters for the main characters, it would be better. Overall, pretty good though, I would recommend

The Dark Tide imageThe Dark Tide image

The Dark Tide

Books | Alicia Jasinska

I liked both perspectives though I wished they had their own vocabulary, if that makes any sense. I also wished it was more ‘well-paced’ as it did feel a bit quick at times and I wished there was more communication and MORE of a hollow heart. But good overall, worth the read

The Hollow Heart imageThe Hollow Heart image

The Hollow Heart

Books | Marie Rutkoski

LOVED! I have no hate towards it— EVERYTHING was very good! I can’t believe how hooked I was when I met Sid. She is certainly a thief of hearts ♡︎

Midnight Lie imageMidnight Lie image

Midnight Lie

Books | Marie Rutkoski

Certainly a well written book, I loved it entirely as I said. Would recommend to anyone who’s into a ‘sapphic’ read. This won’t disappoint

The Midnight Lie imageThe Midnight Lie image

The Midnight Lie

Books | Marie Rutkoski

Amazing book, I just wished they put more of this book into the movie as it had some parts missing that meant a lot to me. Just don’t read if you’re only in it for the movie. Read it because the author really showed what love can be

To All the Boys I've Loved Before imageTo All the Boys I've Loved Before image

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Books | Jenny Han

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