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Nyyiela Marzette



I love how they work together as a team#kids #team_building_activities must watch with kids✔️✔️👌

We Can Be Heroes imageWe Can Be Heroes image

We Can Be Heroes

Movies | Action

This was an amazingly Halarious movie how she fell I was literally dying laughing this is a must watch#comedy #romance #comedy_clubs #comedy_romance ✔️✔️🤣🤣🤣

The Wrong Missy imageThe Wrong Missy image

The Wrong Missy

Movies | Comedy

Hands down this show......I mean I--I--ha-ave--no words😶😶 but amazing like I loved it and she has an amazing voice🤯🤯#family #laugh

Julie and the Phantoms imageJulie and the Phantoms image

Julie and the Phantoms


I really liked this show but I didn't like how Devi changed herself for a boy#romantic_comedy #lesbian

Never Have I Ever imageNever Have I Ever image

Never Have I Ever


It was hilarious and very romantic i loved it and it definitely made me shed a few or two tears 😭😭#romance #comedy #romantic_comedy

The DUFF imageThe DUFF image


Movies | Romance

It was an amzing story it was definitely a tear-jerker to me #romance #drama

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A Walk to Remember

Movies | Drama

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