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This was way better than i thought it would be and i loved the world building and plot though time can be tricky in movies to play with they did well.

The Tomorrow War imageThe Tomorrow War image

The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

It was pretty good and had plot that made sense idk bout the pheromones thing though lol but i loved that the dug a little into Natashas background and her connection with her sister and parents (though chosen for her) you could see how well they fit as a team.

Black Widow imageBlack Widow image

Black Widow

Movies | Action

I actually liked this movie and the parallel love stories though it mostly focused on the older couple which i was fine with

The Last Letter From Your Lover imageThe Last Letter From Your Lover image

The Last Letter From Your Lover

Movies | Romance

Actually enjoyed watching the storyline unfold

Gimme Shelter imageGimme Shelter image

Gimme Shelter

Movies | Drama

It was okay little awkward though but i think it'll probably appeal to some

Love, Simon imageLove, Simon image

Love, Simon

Movies | Comedy

I think one of the underrated netflix movies its pretty good

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Movies | Comedy

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